It is that time of year when you look back at the successes, failures, good times, bad times, and the things you’ve learned in the past year. For me, this is my time to reflect on how I can make next year even better. In my profession, I must admit I have some biases and beliefs about fitness, prevention, health, and healing. Given enough time and resources I would love to think that my profession can change the face of how healthy movement and injury prevention are perceived. That being said, I’ve put together a Holiday wish list for the following year for me, my patients, and my business.
  1. The gift of prevention: one thing I see nearly everyday is preventable injuries. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is my goal in the coming year to develop and implement a consistent system in which new and established patients will be on a recurring schedule in which they return for a movement check up. If a movement problem is detected early, it is much easier to fix. By using the Functional Movement Screen and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment if pain is present, potential problems can be easily be identified and corrected early. For our athletes I am working on a screening process in which we screen them prior to sport participation. I will be working closely with training staff to develop effective corrective strategies and to educate staff on the importance of competent movement.
  2. The gift of charity: one very important aspect I gained from both my education and my upbringing is giving back to those less fortunate. A large part of being a locally owned business is being able to provide for the community in which you are a part of. Times are tough and often people forgo health concerns or needs due to an inability to make financial ends meet. In the works for us is a program in which we set aside a specific time each week to see a patient pro bono for a set amount of visits who would otherwise be unable to receive this level of care.
  3. The gift of gravity: by this I mean weight. I want to fully equip the clinic with kettlebells. Because they are a fantastic tool.
  4. The gift of teaching/education: in the following year, I want to take the second certification of Functional Dry Needling to further myself. I am also keenly interested in starting a regular Chandler Physical Therapy class that focuses on foundational movement patterns, proper lifting form, and breathing.
  5. The gift of thanks: we are completely dependent on our patients. Because of them, we have had our best year ever. We are lucky enough to have nearly 90% of our business come from word of mouth from current and past patients. We are forever grateful for your kind words and confidence you place in us to help your friends and families. We value our ‘family’ we’ve been lucky enough to meet through the last year. Thank you all!
Looking forward to the next twelve months and all the changes to come!

An aside: while I write this in the first person, I would be nothing without my wife’s help, support, and clarity of thought. We are, and always will, operate as a team.