Let’s face it. You breathe wrong. In today’s world, balancing work life, social life and everything else that comes along with them is tough – and it’s getting tougher. As a result your breathing gets pushed aside, assumed that because it is automatic it will always work. Wrong. This leads to pain, tension, and stress that can cause a laundry list of other issues. When is the last time you stopped just to focus on your breathing?

Lucky for you, there is a book that can help change all of this. Breathe Better is a new and easy way to incorporate mindful breathing into your life in a concise, easy to read format. This book is for those folks who suffer from over stimulation, stress, work overload, and family drama – and whose breathing has suffered as a result- even if you don’t know it yet. Do you have stress? Then you have a breathing issue.

As a physical therapist I see the effects of poor breathing patterns on posture, pain, strength and stress levels everyday. Sadly, most people don’t realize how important breathing (and breathing properly) is to their health and wellbeing. Through the techniques taught in this book, I have been able to help hundreds of people change their life, pain levels, stress levels and increase their ability to cope with the daily grind.

Professionals, students, folks with chronic stress and chronic pain, and anyone else whose breathing has gone off the tracks will find great success by following the techniques in this new guide to altering poor breathing patterns. LuAnn, a professional marketer, says, “My chronic neck pain was persistent through all the wide variety of treatments I received, until I was forced to work on my breathing. I never realized how ingrained and dysfunctional my breathing had become until I took the steps to correct it. Now, I am in control of my breathing, and as a result, my stress AND my pain.”

I promise that if you integrate the breathing techniques below on a daily basis, as a complement to the rest of your life, you will find that your stress levels decrease, your pain levels decrease, and you become more aware of your posture on a daily basis. AND I promise that with the breathing patterns you will find in this book, your fatigue levels and mental clarity will be improved significantly (among a slough of other things).

So what do you have to lose? Correcting your breathing costs nothing. Outside of a few small household items, you have minimal investment costs. You literally have everything to gain. But if you wait, that pain, that stress, that chronic tension will still be there. And you will still have nothing to change that. Don’t be the person who just pushes their stress under a rug. Don’t be the person who doesn’t find time to correct their chronic tension and pain. Don’t be the person whose work consumes them to the point they can’t find a few minutes a day to practice the first thing they did when they entered life as we know it. Start today. Right now. Breathing is the easiest and the hardest thing you’ll ever do. It is also the most rewarding when done correctly.

The techniques you are about to learn are easily learned but difficult to master. The journey, when taken, will lead you to a more rewarding lifestyle – full of stress reduction, reduced pain, and the tools to control the previously uncontrollable. Take control now, and enjoy the new life you’re about to create.

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