Welcome to Chandler Physical Therapy Membership!

What you can expect?

It is well known that insurance doesn’t cover maintenance care. However, in our humble opinion, maintenance care is the one way to stay healthy through your life span. We firmly believe that if we can keep on top and ahead of any issues, we can prevent flare ups and injuries.

“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.”

We have long wanted to provide the care you deserve to keep you healthy rather than react to illness as it comes along. This is the solution.

Who is this for?

-Those who want to manage and enhance their lifestyle to keep on top of their health. –

-Those who want regular tissue work beyond just massage: needling, cupping, scraping and more!-

-Those who want to have quick access to recovery tools to enhance their lifestyle. –

-Those who want easy scheduling options (priority) when an issue crops up.-

Does this make sense to you?

You have the choice of 3 different versions that work best for you:

Month to Month

4 months

1 year

What to expect:
– 1 one-on-one hour long session per month.
– 1 Recovery Session (Compression boots, Theragun, Stim) per month.
– 20% Discount on any clinic supplies!
– Further Visits 30% off Normal Cash Pay Price!
– Discounts with Local Small Business Partners who Support the Health Vision of Chandler Physical Therapy!