Chandler Physical Therapy is a family-owned physical therapy clinic dedicated to serving our patients across a spectrum of diagnoses. Our mission is to provide thorough, comprehensive evaluations coupled with highly skilled, patient-centered rehabilitative care to return our patients to the highest level of function possible in an efficient and enjoyable manner. We provide evidence-based and outcome-driven rehabilitation to our patients. We use extensive and effective manual therapy techniques including joint manipulation, functional dry needling, soft tissue mobilization, PNF techniques and much more. We also employ corrective exercise prescription, balance training, gait mechanics training, modalities, and patient education to address dysfunction and deficits. Our therapists are proficient in many aspects of physical therapy including, but not limited to: advanced joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue mobilization including Graston Tehnique, corrective exercise prescription using the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, and taping strategies (Kinesiotaping, atheletic taping, McConnell Taping). The philosophy at Chandler Physical Therapy is to work hard everyday to deliver the best possible patient care. We are driven to be leaders not only in the physical therapy profession, but also in our community. We embrace values of commitment to excellence, quality of care, and service to others to work towards patient wellness and education within our community.



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