Not sure what road to take?
We 100% understand. The healthcare world can be tough to navigate and, before you know it, you’re elbows deep in bills just to find an answer, much less get treated.
We want to help.
We have crafted our Discovery Visit around the principle that getting answers or a direction shouldn’t break the bank or your brain!
This FREE, 30 minute, one-on-one evaluation is where one of our amazing therapists will sit down with you, get your story and your background and then run through a series of specific exams and tests to help get to the bottom of what you are struggling with. At the end, you will have a clear picture how we here at Chandler Physical Therapy can help OR, who to go see to get some answers. Sound good?

Would you like to Request a Discovery Visit?

Let us know below! We will reach out to you to set up a good time for you to come in and get checked out so you can start getting answers, without breaking the bank!