Custom Orthotic Prescription and Fitting:

Foot pain is a common cause of decreased activity and pain in other areas of the body. Here’s how we address it:


Initially, we will look at all aspects of your gait mechanics, not just your feet – determine where the problem is coming from. We make sure that trouble areas are addressed and that you are educated in what you can do down the road for prevention. We manage all foot pain with a holistic approach.  We look at the rearfoot and forefoot as well as take activity, shoe-wear, and comfort into account.


We have partnered with SOLS to provide our patients the latest, state of the art technology in custom orthotics. We eliminate the messy casting by using digital casts to map the your foot.  We then apply our PATIENT SPECIFIC corrections from our  in-depth exam and send our corrections and digital images straight  to SOLS.Using a 3D printer– the patient’s orthotics are printed to our specifications and shipped. The orthotic material is a polymer used by NASA – able to withstand up to 2000 pounds of pressure without breaking! Before, other orthotic mills would take 2-4 weeks to produce their product. With SOLS,  our turn around time is 6 business days or less!


SOLS Rx — Join the Movement from SOLS on Vimeo.

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