“Amazing staff, great work environment. I actually enjoyed coming. Thank you!” – Kelsey Scott, Chandler, AZ.

“Staff very knowledgeable and encouraging. Great to see such progress in short time. Staff great at answering questions. So I knew the WHY of doing certain exercises.” – Linda Hart, Tempe, AZ.

“This is one of the best Physical Therapy that I had; excellent experience. Very quick improvement. I like the way Eric did analysis before he started my therapy. I feel like he knows what he is doing, his expertise are excellent. All the staff are also very caring and loving and are encouraging the way they take care of the elderly people. I always feel like looking forward to come here, you feel like family. I am glad I feel better, but at the same time I feel sad I am going to miss them all. Thanks for everything.” – Sreedevi, Phoenix, AZ.

“From the beginning I swore I was going to need surgery, but after several treatments I could feel life coming back into my arm, wrist, and hand. I highly recommend Chandler Physical Therapy and their staff to all!” – Greg Jennings, Gilbert, AZ.

“We love Chandler PT, all staff are great!!!”

“Eric and Ashley have done a great job locating reason for the pain and offered excellent therapy to improve my quality of life. They also connected personally so you don’t feel like a number and patient code. Gracias Chandler Physical Therapy J” – Faith Perez, Phoenix, AZ.

“Friendly staff, fun atmosphere, and continuous improvement throughout therapy. Beyond satisfied with my results.” – Tawnie Studer, Mesa, AZ.

“The best I ever had!  Thank you, I’m going to miss you all!” – Monica Chambrello, Phoenix, AZ

“My Therapy helped me a lot with my lower back pain. Friendly environment, caring staff.” – Sheila Eiseman, Chandler, AZ.

“Friendly, fun, know how to make themselves and their patients smile. Evidently passionate about their jobs, the people they work with, and helping their patients heal and feel better. I would have dreaded physical therapy if it had been any other facility.” – Samantha D’Sa, Chandler, AZ.

“I came a long way. Very personable. Will recommend you.” – Char Applen, Phoenix, AZ.

“Excellent atmosphere and fun while having pain. Made the appointments bearable and I noticed progress after a shorter period of time than what my ortho doc predicted. Very effective team of professionals.” – Debbie, Phoenix, AZ.

“Never dealt with nicer, more compassionate, or professional team.” – Dr. Roberts Harris Chandler, AZ

“Everything was fine!” – Paula Cunningham Chandler, AZ

“I have had remarkable success with my P.T. The therapist shared exercises to do at home which helped me tremendously! Thanks.” – Kathleen Minitti Chandler, AZ

“I couldn’t of been where I am now without coming here and getting therapy!” – Veronica Garcia Mesa, AZ

“Overall experience was great. Eric was very professional and showed a wealth of knowledge concerning treatment techniques. I learned many good exercises to do on my own and will continue to do so. Derick is a professional and was very helpful. Ashley does a great job!” – Marilee Wingate Chandler, AZ

“I really appreciate Eric’s approach to the entire problem and all that is affected by the problem. There is clearly a plan to his approach and the successful result of treatment shows this. I recommend this office to anyone who asks. Eric and Derick are a great team.” – Kathy DeBoer Chandler, AZ

“These guys were really great to work with they make my therapy fun and keep me laughing and are very encouraging! Thanks for the great experience!” – Teri Herb Tempe, AZ

“This was my 1st P.T. Experience and it was wonderful and better than I thought it would be. Both Eric’s are very nice and professional, they are willing to answer any questions with explanation so you understand why, how, etc. I was greatly helped for my pain, thank you!” – Linda Devlieger Chandler, AZ

“As much as therapy hurt and was so intimidating, after surgery I enjoyed therapy each visit! Looking forward to therapy is awesome and great for motivation and results. Had a great time, in a great and fun environment. Eric and Derick are a wonderful team and Kyle a great addition. Thank you for getting me back to good again!” – Rena Goodmiller Chandler, AZ

“I am grateful for the care received. They were all patient, knowledgable and thorough with their care. I have and will recommend this facility to my friends. Eric and Derick are the best P.T.’s that I have ever had in the many years of therapy that I have had.” – Leslie Berkey Chandler, AZ

“This is the third time I have returned to Chandler Physical Therapy. Treatment is consistent and effective.” Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you! Initially I was uncertain as to how therapy could help my condition, I am very pleased and recognize and believe that therapy has had a significant impact on my overall improvement. I am very happy.”

“Thanks for all your help 🙂 I will miss you all!” – Lisa Wood Chandler, AZ

“Personable, friendly, professional.” – Gayle Huston Gilbert, AZ

“Great staff and great knowledge I also see tremendous improvement and feel they truly care about my condition and want me to be successful.” – Kathy DeBoer Chandler, AZ

“Great staff and facility” – Norma Macias Chandler, AZ

“Eric, Derick and front staff were always professional and courteous. A great outcome to a debilitating injury. Thanks” – Dennis Mahr Chandler, AZ

“No complaints” – Ola Faye Bali Gilbert, AZ

“I appreciated the eye for detail; the variety and increasing difficulty of exercises; the courtesy and friendliness of the entire staff!!!” – Karen Adamson Chandler, AZ

“Eric takes his time and is very knowledgeable.” – Chad Williamsen

“As an LMT that worked with PTs for 2 years, I was not interested in a run-of-the-mill PT. Eric’s knowledge, full body assessment, and hands-on involvement in my treatment made this an exceptional and enjoyable experience, and was anything but run-of-the-mill :)” – Melissa Voight Tempe, AZ

“Life is a garden dig it!” – Richie Ahwatukee, AZ

“Satisfied with progress.” – C. Werkhoven Chandler, AZ

“Due to my experience at these therapy sessions and how I feel today I am now an advocate of physical therapy and would definitely recommend this facility.” – Heidi Highsmith Chandler, AZ

“This was a very positive experience. Eric and Derick are very knowledgeable. I would recommend them.” – Gretchen Lohman Chandler, AZ

“Wonderful focus and knowledge! I’ve learned so much in a short time. You surpass all my experiences with therapy. Besides functional/technical skills – you are genuine humans and share your selves freely. I would recommend you without reservation. Thank you for such excellent personal care.” – Carol Hunter Scottsdale, AZ

“Both Eric and Derick were excellent. Both are friendly and professional. Both were attentive at all times. Thank you both of you.” – Vicki Martin Chandler, AZ

“I found a great therapy and treatment facility that I have already shared with a friends son and I will be back if the need arrives again. Thanks Eric and staff.” – Ron Grounds Chandler, AZ

“This was a very positive experience and I was able to receive the results I was looking for, thank you so much.” – Christine Marlow Tempe, AZ

“Eric and Derick are great, nice, friendly, knowledgeable, comfortable to be around (they put you at ease) and very good at what they do. I have and will continue to refer people here.” – Linda Devlieger Chandler, AZ

“I am very happy about the treatment given to me and happy about the facility. Please keep it up. I will definitely recommend to my friends.” – Manjit Singh Chandler, AZ

“Eric and Derick are a great team and make everyone feel great!” – Cristina Davis Gilbert, AZ

“Very personable, whole staff made the experience enjoyable. Thanks.”

“Walking is much improved. Pain is greatly lessened.” – Dale Huss Chandler, AZ

“Very friendly. Excellent treatment by Eric. With the exercises I can do on my own I should be able to control the dizziness.” – Mary Jane Dundas Gilbert, AZ

“Great place, will highly Recommend it.” – George Tihanyi Chandler, AZ

“Very good at explaining procedures and conducting things a person should be doing. Everything was excellent. A very satisfied patient. Thanks for everything.” – Don Rothstein Phoenix, AZ

“Eric and Derick are the “Best” they knew what they are doing. I will miss them very much.” – Betty Boop Rappazo Chandler, AZ

“I am excited that my arm/elbow feels so much better and that I feel confident that the problem won’t re-occur. I enjoyed my experience and therapy here.”

“Everything in this office is excellent and would highly recommend to all my friends and relatives. I am glad that I feel better after all the time I spent of Eric and Derick. I really appreciate everything.” Lourdes Cozard, Chandler, AZ

“I would recommend and return to this facility if I have issues.” – Dung Sewell

“Keep up the good work.” – Ileana Huss Chandler, AZ

“Everyone here is very nice and I enjoyed my experience very much. Thank you for everything :)” – Kimberly Cramer Chandler, AZ

“Real satisfied with results after only 3 visits.” – Mark Buessino Ocotillo, AZ

“Very positive experience professional, friendly, and very helpful.” – Art Garlieb Phoenix, AZ

“Thanks for all your hard work, help and concern.”

“Excellent service.” – Roy M.

“They were very supportive and encouraging! Gave good suggestions at work. Worked and communicated with my physician and me.” – Anne Cebula

“Eric gave me such a positive feeling for P.T.’s. He was great!” – Jill Allison

“I had a wonderful experience. Everyone was professional and friendly. I am extremely pleased with the therapy I received and the huge improvement in my condition.” – Julie Swanson Chandler, AZ

“Excellent service and therapy.” – Shane O’dwyer Chandler, AZ

“I had such a great time. I looked forward to coming in and getting to work. Thanks to all the guys I’m starting to actually care about my bones! Haha like working out and walking.” – Samantha Gersztyn Scottsdale, AZ

“Eric, Derick and Kyle made this experience so easy and enjoyable. They all motivated me and made me feel like they truly cared about my progress and how I felt every week. I feel so much stronger than when I started.” – Nicole Lowery Phoenix, AZ

“Eric was very good at explaining and treating my muscle issues. My goal to be able to play softball again was met. I am very happy with the results. Thank you Eric, Derick, And Kyle. Great Experience! :)” – Jenny Robbins Chandler, AZ

“They were very professional” – Thomas M. Campbell Chandler, AZ

“Everything was excellent.” – Tristan Chandler, AZ

“Out of all the Physical Therapy and assistance I have gone to, you are the best. I evaluate by how aggressive and personal you are with people.”

“Great job dude!” – Brooke Varney Chandler, AZ

“I feel so much better after going through physical therapy. My pain and discomfort greatly decreased and I’m very happy with the results.” – Maggie Sullivan Chandler, AZ

“This is my second time here. Both very helpful. The treatments improved the way I feel and my level of activity 🙂 Thanks” – Tali Rahat Chandler, AZ

“Doing therapy here was fun and awesome because they helped me to get back to walking quickly and getting back to being healthy.” – Chloe Fraley Chandler AZ

“Great job!!” – Prapanna Tiwari Chandler, AZ

“I’m impressed with the staff friendliness and advanced knowledge of the therapy I needed to get back on my regular activities.”

“Felt like I learned so much about what I can do to help myself. Thanks!” – Michelle Meyer Gilbert, AZ

“I’ve gotten so much better since I started. My improvement has shown. The atmosphere around the facility is excellent. I don’t feel too pushed and I feel comfortable here.” – Jessica Mark Chandler, AZ

“You guys are great! Thanks for everything!” – Katie Lange Phoenix, AZ

“Staff was very friendly! I enjoyed coming to therapy and felt like they met my needs exceptionally well. I would recommend them to anyone and if I ever need to return to therapy I’ll be coming here.” – Terese Keough Chandler, AZ

“Good bunch of guys.” – Arnold Wilson Chandler, AZ

“Staff are awesome and very professional.”

“Outstanding experience! Very pleased with my progress.” – Jeff Edris

“The treatment was excellent. I recommended this facility to good friends. I feel so much better.”- Gladys Anderson Sun Lakes, AZ

“She has been great at helping me with recovery!” – Joseph Acuna Chandler, AZ

“The staff are personable and makes the customer feel comfortable. Thank you.”

“Excellent, caring staff; professional and a team that conveys a genuine patient centered focused.”- Sylvia Domagalski Chandler, AZ

“Thank you for treating me you guys are awesome.” – Amanda Dolenar Chandler, AZ

“Excellent service” – Roy Maxted  Chandler, AZ

“Total therapy a very useful and enjoyable experience.” – Art Garlieb Phoenix, AZ

“This whole experience was great. Everyone is friendly. Knowledgeable and thorough. Thank you!”

“Good Job!” – Jeff Prior Chandler, AZ

“Very Good!!!!” – Brandon Grady  Chandler, AZ

“Eric is the best therapist I ever had 🙂 everyone is great!”

“Always have had great experiences here. Thank you :)” – Linda D. Chandler, AZ

“Excellent service. You guys fixed me up. 5 stars!” – Johnny Fox  Chandler, AZ

“Happy to be here. Friendly and most importantly very skillful team.”

“All staff very friendly and helpful” – Kathleen Gearhart Chandler AZ

“Wonderful service! I feel so much better. Thank you guys so much :)” – Patrice Phoenix, AZ

“Fun and friendly staff. After leaving PT, I felt the best I had felt all week long.” – Derek Taylor Chandler, AZ

“Awesome” – Dixon Begay  Chandler, AZ

“Friendly people and good environment.” – Alex Gilbert, AZ

“Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Excellent job of identifying problems and fixing them!”- Alana Condon Scottsdale, AZ

“Very great therapist and workers. Helped me out a lot.” – Chandler Fraley Chandler, AZ

“I am so thankful that I was referred to Chandler Physical Therapy. My time here has been so helpful in the rehabilitation of my shoulder. I am confident that it will be 100% back to normal since all the exercises taught to me are easy to do at home. Thanks so much for making me not feel like I have old lady shoulders anymore :)” – Megan Scottsdale, AZ

“You are awesome!! 🙂 Thanks so much. I hope I don’t have to see you again but if I do I know where to find you.” – Michelle Gilbert, AZ

“Eric Derick, and Kyle were great. I would definitely recommend others to come here for therapy!”- Tim Calhoun Chandler, AZ

“Excellent experience.” – Bill Woodroffe Phoenix, AZ

“Therapists very relaxed, work well as a team, friendly, and have good time management skills even with several people in the same facility. Very aware to change a routine or exercise if pain occurs or is difficult. Therapy and exercises different each session which is nice! Keeps therapy from being dull each time. Eric is very knowledgable. Derick is very good and petient in helping me do exercises correct if I was doing incorrectly. Kyle is efficient and helpful with questions. Calls returned in timely manner; the reason I came to this facility. Had left messages with several facilities. Great staff!”- Kelly Orr Phoenix, AZ

“Was able to quickly determine problem areas and explained things to improve my condition in an understandable manner and am very happy with the results.” – Earl Olmsted Tolleson, AZ

“They all make you feel they have your interest and overall wellness at heart.” – Mary Kaye Chandler, AZ

“Great environment and staff! I will miss the friendly banter of the staff. They really care about their patients.” – Sandra McNatt Chandler, AZ

“The Friendliness, courtesy and professionalism shown at this facility makes this office my one and only. I will definitely refer everyone I know! I have never felt so welcome at any office I have attended!” – Kathleen W. Chandler, AZ

“Dear, Eric, Derick, and Kyle, thank you so much. I have improved so much since I’ve been here. You are awesome.” – Madison Chandler, AZ

“I was extremely pleased with my therapist and therapy. The hints regarding starting to walk by using my stronger foot and controlling the nerve pain to the foot were worth their weight in gold! I would certainly recommended Eric and his staff to anyone.” – Connie Smyer Phoenix, AZ

“You guys are awesome! Thank you so much.”

“Great job. I would highly recommend you guys.”

“I was very happy with any overall treatment.”

“Eric, Derick and Kyle were great. They made getting better a very easy process. I appreciated their help and would be happy to refer anyone to Chandler Physical Therapy. Thank you!” – Laura Ishmael Chandler, AZ

“I’ll be back.” – Brad Sullivan Chandler, AZ

“Thank you for helping so much.” – Marge Rosenkrans Chandler, AZ

“Very good and thorough.” – Bob Jatho

“Taught me the importance of continued stretching exercises at home for health maintenance as I am aging. Very significant improvement in my condition. Thanks to all the staff!” – Linda Hart Gilbert, AZ

“Extremely happy, everyone included always goes over and above for overall care and safety, they are the best, they rock, I would highly recommended your services.” – Lynn Jackson Chandler, AZ

“Have used facility before, returned because of staff – will return again if I need PT again.” – Kathleen Gearhart Chandler, AZ

“Could not be happier with the results I had which have allowed me to go from limited mobility in my shoulder and knee, back to a point that all pain has been eliminated and have my mobility back. As an additional plus I am able to leave with an abundance of knowledge to help with preventative maintenance.” – Earl Olmsted


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