Whether you suffer from a chronic condition like arthritis or an injury like an ankle sprain, the resulting pain associated with these issues can be uncomfortable and debilitating. Many people act under the assumption that they can manage their pain alone and rehabilitate themselves, when in reality this is not the case.

At Chandler Physical Therapy, our licensed physical therapists are highly skilled and educated in the proper rehabilitation of a wide range of dysfunctions and injuries. Rather than simply treating the pain, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the issue so that we can identify and treat the source of the pain. This allows us to create a long-term solution for our patients, to prevent the issue from returning.

Short-term solutions like ice packs and knee braces that you can do on your own may help ease the pain initially, but they do nothing to ensure that the problem does not arise again. To permanently reduce or eliminate the source of your pain, physical therapy is a beneficial option.

What is Physical Therapy?

What Does Physical Therapy Do - Chandler Physical TherapySimply put, physical therapy is a treatment method that seeks to treat conditions and injuries through physical procedures, rather than with drugs or surgery. The goal of physical therapy is to employ rehabilitative care that returns the patient to their highest possible level of function. This is often done through manual therapy techniques like joint manipulation, functional dry needling, soft tissue mobilization, and PNF techniques. In addition to manual therapy techniques, many physical therapists employ corrective exercise prescription, balance training, gait mechanics training, modalities, and patient education.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often the first step in addressing an injury and can be highly beneficial in restoring patients to their highest possible level of function. There are a wide range of benefits our patients can expect to see after undergoing a physical therapy treatment plan, depending on their injury or condition.

Some of the most common benefits of physical therapy include:

  • Fall prevention
  • Improved balance
  • Increased range of mobility
  • Pain relief
  • Recovery from injury
  • Recovery from stroke
  • Reduced likelihood or elimination of surgery
  • Reduced symptoms of age-related conditions

Who Should See a Physical Therapist?

What Does Physical Therapy Do - Chandler Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is most often beneficial for patients dealing with a musculoskeletal issue, which could include pain of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, or bones. If you are experiencing additional health symptoms or complications, you should check with your primary care provider before seeking out a physical therapist. The most common types of physical therapy patients are those with arthritis, stress-induced injuries, pre- and post-op patients, and those who have been in some type of accident.

Because there are so many different reasons why someone could benefit from physical therapy, no two treatment plans are the same. Each of our patients receives a comprehensive evaluation, during which time we develop a plan for rehabilitative care that suits their unique needs. Contact us today for more information or to request a free one-on-one consultation at Chandler Physical Therapy. Our dedicated team is here to help!