This time of year can be rough- gift giving is never easy, and likely getting expensive!  And, with the New Year right around the corner, fitness and resolutions of healthier living are imminent. So we here at Chandler Physical Therapy have put together a fun list of the items we recommend every day to help our patients stay at the working best! Check out the list

1. Foam Roll: A Trusty Sidekick who won’t talk back, but always have your back

Probably the most recommended item in our arsenal, the foam roll is a multi-use tool that is insanely cheap for the returns you’ll get from it. From self trigger point management to core stability to a handy battle royale weapon for your kids, it does it all. Not only does it treat your muscle imbalances, it helps drawn your attention to imbalances and address them (a common cause of injury). Check out the most basic and most effective HERE. If you must go fancy you can check this guy:

Check that one HERE.



2. Stretch Out Strap:

A stretching strap is another go to for us. It helps get specific muscle moving that you might miss, or be less effective at addressing when doing it solo. This handy multi-handle (get it, handy?!) strap contorts you to just the right level of stretch. The best part? The guide book that comes along with it. Check the Stretch out Strap HERE.



3. Lacrosse Ball: 
This tiny little piece of rubber is a god-send when you’re traveling. Similar to a Foam Roll But Much less bulky and laser focused. I often prefer this to a foam roll to really get in there. Get your favorite traveling buddy HERE.



4. Yoga Mat

A yoga mat. Keeps the bony parts from getting sore while performing your home program or exercise routine at home. This is a nice way to create your own exercise space too. I prefer my a bit thicker like this one HERE. But there is a litany of varieties to fit your every mood and flavor. 



5. Monster Walk Band

Monster walks. Possibly the greatest exercise of all time. And now, you too can do them. In a variety of loop colors and resistances, you can get the glute burn you’ve always wanted. Get your favorite color HERE– we use red at the clinic.



6. BONUS: Breathe Better Book. 

Of course, you know I had to add a little self advertising. But, in all reality, breathing is one of the best and easiest ways to make changes and reduce pain and stress. This book I wrote shows you the WHY and the HOW to do this.

IF you’re and e book reader you can get it HERE.

If Paperback is more your thing, get it HERE.