Did you know that the average head weighs around 12-15 lbs?  Did you also know the more your head falls forward, the heavier that load gets?  What that simply means is that an upright posture puts the least amount of stress on your neck, while looking down at your phone, a book, or computer places the most stress on your neck.  Image holding a 10lb weight in your hand for a full day (24 hours) and then imagine holding a 60lb weight for a full 24 hours. The 10lb weight initially may not feel too heavy but as the time passes, the 10 lb weight begins to feel much heavier than its actual weight.  You may make it through a full day, you may not, but eventually you will probably need some sort of a break to take the stress of your muscles.

Now imagine holding a 60lb weight for a full 24 hours. I don’t know about you but I probably wouldn’t be able to hold it more than a few minutes, if that, much less an entire day.   After just a couple of minutes, your arms would likely become extremely fatigued, feel overworked, and likely start to stiffen up. Now picture this exact thing happening in your neck. Our postures nowadays are the biggest culprit to neck pain and tension.

One muscle group in particular known as the Occipitals (the x’s in the above picture on the L), is one of the those muscles that can become extremely irritable and tight as a result of poor posture.  As you can see in the left picture above, they can refer pain along/around your head, and people often report having headaches that feel like they are around their eyes or even behind them. This posture can easily be corrected with a few simple things which we will be discussing at our upcoming neck workshop here at Chandler Physical Therapy. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today HERE.

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