One of the many treatment techniques that can be used in physical therapy to assist in the rehab process of neck pain is called IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization). In our clinic here at Chandler Physical Therapy we use Graston Technique, which is one of many different options when it comes to IASTM. Often times, this technique comes in the form of metal or plastic tools of various sizes and shapes. IASTM isn’t used to replace PT’s hands rather enhance them and allow them to detect where areas of scar tissue or increased tension exist. Once tension is found, PT’s use the tool to
introduce controlled microtrauma to the soft tissue. In doing this, a local inflammatory response occurs which allows the body to reabsorb excessive scar tissue and allows for remodeling of the injured area which in turn can help improve pain perception, range of motion, and overall function. In addition, repetitive stimulation using the tool can decrease muscle tone, which in turn can help improve pain levels, ROM and much more!

1. Mobilize muscles and tendons in order to decrease pain
2. Improve overall mobility
3. Detect restrictions in muscles
4. Motor control issues

Conditions that can benefit from IASTM:
1. Tendonitis in shoulders affecting overall posture
2. Neck pain
3. Muscle strains
4. Increased tension in upper traps, neck, and shoulder blades
5. Scars following surgeries
6. Upper trap strains

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