Low back pain happens to nearly 80% of us at some point in our life. Often, this comes because of overuse of the muscles around the spine. ASTYM is a tool assisted soft tissue technique that can help promote better muscle fiber movement, circulation, and healing. This, combine with stretching, and exercises can really help those struggling with low back pain. If you think you could use this- check out our discovery visit below:


Chandler Physical Therapy is a family owned and operated Physical Therapy clinic in Chandler, Arizona. We treat active adults who are looking to keep themselves pain free and active through exercise and healthy living.
If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and ask or, we have a Free Discovery Visit (Half Hour) that allows you to sit down, one on one with a therapist to discuss what you have going on to find out if physical therapy is a good fit for you. Check it out below:

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