Do you sit all day?  Do you have tight hips?

In a previous BLOG, I discussed how tight hip flexors can wreak havoc on your lower back.  In that blog I gave a list of my favorite exercises I use for treating tight hips. But how does one know if they have tight hips?

Below, I show you a quick and easy way to self assess your hip mobility to help you determine if you need to stretch your hips.  As seen here:

You will sit on the edge of a table/bed, grab your knee and pull to your chest. Next, lay back on the table being careful to keep your low back as flat as possible to avoid arching and compensating through the back. Now take stock of what your hanging leg is doing.

The picture  below in the left column is a good example of  what ideal mobility is compared to restrictions that can be present.

However, If your hip looks like the 2nd picture on the right, your hip flexors are tight, the 3rd, your ITB is tight, the 4th, your quad is tight. It is possible to have just one restriction but it is also possible to have two or even all three restricted.  Knowing what muscle or muscles are restricted will allow you to target the correct muscles when stretching.

If you are unsure how to stretch any of the muscles below or are unsure how to initiate stretches or mobility activities, you may need to be assessed by a professional. We can show you how to properly and safely perform mobility activities.  Mobility activities should be performed regularly for preventative and maintenance of overall health and wellbeing.

If you find you are looking for more specifics as far a program tailored to your needs or someone you know, contact Chandler Physical Therapy at 480-786-4969 – you can request to speak directly to a physical therapist or have a FREE 1-on-1 chat with a physical therapist in a DISCOVERY SESSION!